This digital series was heavily influenced by our  absurdly ironic delightfully twisted community we all loved and lived in for 11+ years – Silver Lake, Forbes Magazine’s “Hippest Neighborhoods.”

When we moved in there were gang shootings, pop-up police stations, drive-by shootings, and taco stands. It was scary yet chill bohemia. Now it's  juice bars, a coffee-shop-per-block, and A.P.C. where for 250 bucks you get a white T-shirt that looks like it was stolen from Francine our local homeless pal. And while we find this to be farcical it is also #batshitinsane.

Who better to fight a losing battle than the Kenny Powers of feminism - our heroine - Sage Burns. She is the one that says the things you shouldn't, that does the things you won't. She's the uncensored voice of the Weirdos, the hipster that might move on and eventually grow up, but until then you'd be luckly to have the lass as your neighbor.


So while you're laughing your ass off and enjoying the douchebaggery, I hope there's a bit of truth that sticks with you. Embrace the old, the eccentric, love it, smoke it, and drink it.




MY NAME IS BURNS follows lioness Sage Burns - equipped with complex delusions, a bad attitude, and an unique sense of justice she will assault, annoy, or simply boobytrap anyone that crosses her path: her dealer, her gentrifying neighbors, her disloyal best friend, even her love-struck book publisher. If there is comedy in someone’s misery - she might be there.


Directed by Daniel Applegate. Written by and Starring Nicole Duport (The Last Tycoon).  Produced by Adriane Zaudke. Music by Mike Armstrong.


Our amazing ensemble cast includes Cari Kabinoff, Alyssa Price, Charlotte Chanler, Angelica Pulido, Noel Orput, Justin Kitsch Vrbancic, Sean Spann, Liz Jenkins, Caitlin Brandes Hahn, Vicki Higgins, Tanya Gorlow, Nathan Cramton, Peyton Clarkson, David Gutierrez, Edward Kiniry-Ostro, Ryan Stone Stanger, Joel Gelman, Mads Black Just-Olesen,  Dennis Apergis, Siobhan Doherty Buffett, Leslie Murphy, Pilar Arias, and Cortney Bennett .


Season 1 is 6 Episodes.


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